The RIFT – Podcast 42 Update

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Hey all,

Edit: Podcast 42 is up!

In case you missed our Facebook post and Twitter update, episode 42 of The RIFT will be released next week on Monday May 23. This will be our final Podcast of The RIFT. At this time, there are no plans to take down the website and the Podcasts, so it will remain as an archive [subject to change]. This wasn’t a decision we came to easily, and has been the result after many discussions.

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported and listened to us over the past year. We really appreciate all of the questions, comments, and suggestions you’ve sent in. Special thanks to everyone who has helped us in anyway – there are way too many names for me to write down at this point, and I’d likely forget someone. Every week we’ve tried to bring you what you’ve been looking for, and our final episode shouldn’t be much different. We’ll, except we’re going to go out with a BANG!

Original Facebook post from Sunday:

Tomorrow’s (Monday 16th May) Episode will not air. Instead, we’ll be airing our final episode – Episode 42 on Monday, May 23rd.
It’s not a decision we’ve made lightly. But due to unexpected real life and health issues that have arisen – something has to give.
For everyone who’s supported us for the last year. Thank you. We’ve decided we’re going to go out with a bang.
We’ll talk to you, for the last time, next week.

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The RIFT – Podcast 41 Update

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Hey all,

Update: Podcast 41 is now available!

As some of you might have noticed already, there will be no podcast this week. The RIFT: Episode 41 will be released next Monday May 9. I’ve included the original Facebook message as well for those who haven’t seen it yet.

Due to circumstances out of our control (and largely to do with Ari being extremely ill) there will be no podcast on Monday May 2nd. Our next cast, episode 41, will be released on Monday May 9th.

In the mean time, check out some of our recent articles, listen to some of our older podcasts you might have missed, or just go out and play some Rift!

We all wish Ari the best, and hope she’s feeling better really soon!

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This IS how you do it!

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The “River of Souls World Event Wrapup” post by Scott Hartsman is why we play Rift; it is why we support Trion and why they are head and shoulders above the competition.

Fail or Learning Experience?

Let’s face it the event didn’t go to plan, the timing for a start for the Phase Two and Three events was silly, a short period on a Saturday that not everybody could attend – honestly who thought that was a good idea? I get why they thought Saturday afternoon was a good idea but some people who wanted to be there were still at work.

The zone events were laggy both from a network and graphics (I have an amazingly good PC here and I still saw issues) standpoint, the bosses continuously de-spawned in some zones until kills were “luckily” made.

Rewards didn’t drop correctly and some people experienced a failure to get the Achievement for attending the event despite being there (I was witness to this though it wasn’t me personally).

All in all, as Scott admits, not the way the event should have gone.

Pessimist or Optimist?

Some people will read this and think “well that’s not very constructive is it” truth is, it’s not meant to be, these are the plain and simple facts, this is what was witnessed by people attending the event. Constructive or not the truth is the truth, it’s what they do from here that matters. As the post above says they had great ambitions and fantastic ideas of how the event should work –  However, in the real world things seldom work just the way you want, they have learnt from it that’s what matters.

Sure it was frustrating and irritating that it didn’t work out as we hopped but it’s a learning experience, both from the developer’s point of view – What they can actually achieve out of their ambition – From our point of view we know what to expect, what to hope for and what can be achieved.

Life – Don’t talk to me about life.

An MMO is a ever evolving life-consuming bitter sweet experience and only through development time and the end users patients and input will this game be the experience we want and expect it to be.

Don’t go all rage-quit on it yet this game is just out of the blocks and we are yet to see the best of what it can deliver – and let’s face it what it has delivered so far is way above standard for it’s lifespan. Rift has plenty of growth room and plenty of surprises to deliver, strap in.

Day in – Day out.

Trion and Rift continue to shock, amaze, bewilder, astound, live up to and fall short of expectation it is a rollercoaster but all MMO’s are. The thing is the ups and way more often than the downs and Trion have proved here that when they feel they let us down they pay us back in kind.

I myself am glad I jumped on-board and I am very glad I invested in a 6 month sub, I am looking forward to many more World Events, Raids, Dungeons and anything else Trion has to offer – If along the way I have to experience a few “mishaps” then I am at least glad to know that the Team at Trion will be there to fix things.

Rift On!

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The Harbinger

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As you’re killing your last Bogling, a horn sounds in the distance. Somewhere far away, someone exclaims that a strange smell is drifting through the area.

And then… nothing. No, there isn’t even a quiet before the storm. Literally nothing happens — life continues as it was before, rifts and tears continue to await the ascended, and monsters continue to stalk around, looking for people to kill. Anyone entering the zone would have no idea that an invasion is coming up.

And then, it happens. The sky may change colors, or a ton of tears that instantly transform into rifts may appear. And Rift missed a great chance to be dramatic.

Though it probably would never be high on the to-do list. this needs to change. (continue reading…)

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