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Podcast 10: Ciovala, Kalbuir – Playtesting Gamescom Alpha

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In the tenth podcast we talk to Ciovala of Rift Nexus/Telarapedia, and Kal of the Rift Calculator about their mmo history, expectations and what they think of Rift when taking everything from their past mmo experiences into account.

They also take us briefly through some pet peeves, what their favourite race would be, and is. Not to mention they talk about which calling type they’re likely to choose from their brief stint playing the game at gamescom.

And lastly, they explain a bit about their dungeon exploring experience.

In light of a week full of news emitting mainly from the fans who attended Gamescom, it’s great to have a more indepth discussion of certain aspects from two of the attendees.

Oh, and according to Abigale, the news about BETA starting in September is a MYTH.

Draegan over at Rift Junkies has a new Comic up. Go check out the funny!

All of the weeks Rift related news, including a few detailed and informative write ups by Ciovala, can be found below the cut.

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Podcast 9 – Gamescom, Gameplay, Kalbuir and Abi

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Before we go into anything, we’d just like to remind people of the disclaimer about Podcast info at the moment:

The game is still in Alpha at the moment – The information we get on the podcast is not set in stone. It is all still subject to change. Please keep that in mind – Thank you.

Now this week has been a hectic one. Gamescom has seen the release of a plethora of information (why yes, I do like the word plethora). We’re going to cover the info in some detail and provide links and the interview with Abi and Kalbuir, tells us all about Gamescom and the playable game setup.

But we do need to point out that the interview was done in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday am, and we hope that everything is coherent enough for people to understand. Lack of sleep can make Ari a little ditzy (er – depending on your perspective).

Now – it’s kind of hard to list where all the info came from this week, but we’re going to take a crack at it. And remember Takyn did a nice summary over at Rift News – and Kalbuir kept Rift Calculator regularly updated with a lot of information and screenshots as well.

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Podcast 8: Eric Vignola and character rigging in Rift

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Hi everyone – it’s that time of week again. After a brief hiatus because of the rush of episode 7, we’re back. In this episode we have Eric Vignola with us to discuss rigging characters for animation in Rift.

It’s a great look at the processes that go behind building the character movements we see when we play the game and has definitely made us appreciate the games we play that little bit more than we used to.

First up he tells us a bit about himself and where he came from. Those spiders in Minority Report? Eric’s work. Most of the questions about the things he likes about the game come from the perspective of a rigger and so provide a refreshing look at gaming.

He explains the process the models go through to get from the conception stage to the animation stage and what his average day is like with all the different departments he deals with. The behind the scenes action is really quite amazing.

Make sure you listen to hear a nice little story about Simon – and the links mentioned in the podcast are below the cut.

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Races, customization and classes- oh my! Weekly roundup.

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This week, interestingly enough, saw the release of the final two races in an article over on MMORPG.COM. The Defiant’s missing race will be the Kelari (or as we prefer to look at it: Dark Elves YAY) and the Guardian’s missing race will be the Dwarves – because come on, what would an mmorpg be, without dwarves.

In this article, they also raised some concerns about the customization process – saying it’s limited in  options for the characters. We can all hope that the devs will let us know about the character customization and whether or not this is intentional and why – or else is the system as yet, incomplete?

Another great information release at MMORPG.COM was the confirmation of the Pyromancer class.  A mage soul that burns their enemies from a range, the pyromancer has some really nice lore to go along with it.

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Podcast 7 – Special: Abigale clarifies beta questions

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As we mentioned in the last podcast, some confusion arose when the most recent Rift: Planes of Telara newsletter was sent out on July 30th announcing that the chance for closed beta keys would be attainable at both Gamescom and PAX gaming conventions in August and September respectively, for attendees.

Abigale joins us today to answer the plethora of questions there are about beta, many of which arose from the newsletter.  She unfortunately isn’t able to answer every question that there was because, as with most games in early development, information is subject to change and some of it is part of a business plan, but the answers she was able to give us we believe you will like.

Abi covers some of the different mechanisms they’re using to determine beta participants and the wide range of things they’re taking into consideration.

We hope everyone enjoys this special edition of The Rift Podcast. Main points are behind the cut. (continue reading…)

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