Time Flies? No it doesn’t, it got sucked into a Rift!

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It’s been a month already?

Can you believe we are already paying our first month subs, or in my case 6 months? Time really did get sucked into Rift!

It has been a month filed with many ups and very few downs, although the security issue kind of made up for there being very few downs. Despite it affecting less then 1% of accounts, it has been an issue that has overshadowed a near perfect launch.

So, Trion and Rift’s 1st month. It’s been an interesting one, let’s see what has happened!

Flawless Victory

A brilliant launch for Trion’s first title proving to the MMO world it can be done! The queues that plagued the day one opening were soon explained and alleviated and the doors were open for the masses to begin rifting their face off.  Masses of new servers rolled out in the first few days alone!


Many players had their accounts hacked due to a huge security loophole that a player, identifying himself as “ManWitDaPlan”, pointed out on the forums. Kudos to Trion though as they were on the phone to him and had the issue resolved and plugged in around 3 hours! I would like to see any other MMO company turn issue resolution around that fast – you know who you are!

Thanks ManWitDaPlan!

Coin Lock.

The first security measure to be implemented by Trion is a huge success, despite the complaining on the Forum. Why is that? This was implemented so people couldn’t be hacked, couldn’t have all their gear and money stolen or have their character deleted. I think a little inconvenience is worth the peace of mind that Coin Lock brings.

It’s also worth asking, why has no other MMO company thought of this before? It’s simple, effective, cheap and brilliant. Sure it doesn’t mean you can never be hacked, but its pretty close. Add in the Authenticator and you are pretty secure!

You’ve been Authenticated.

My absolute favourite thing that has happened this month is the release of the Authenticator. Yet another security measure to add to my account, check! I know it’s only out on Android at the moment but the iOS is in quality assurance and will be available soon [Editor’s Note: iOS version has now been released as well!] and I am sure Trion are working on a physical solution too.

My one issue with this is that it doesn’t protect the Account Page too, which is a major oversight in my mind, but I am hoping this is fixed very soon. You hear me Trion? Very soon, pwetty pwease.

Hot Fix or Patched: Why choose? Let’s have them both.

Hot fix after hot fix, and patch after patch is rolled out as Trion’s aggressive stand on listening to its player base rolls over as many fixes, tweaks and changes they can find. It’s hard to miss just how committed Trion is to their customers, to their product and to making it and themselves a massive success.

Subs Grow

Instead of subs falling off, so far that is, the player base has been growing steadily according to Trion. We don’t have numbers of course, and some independent confirmation would be nice, but it’s still encouraging to hear that our game is growing. I have even seen the new people coming in myself on “Blightweald” the EU server I play on.

The real test will, of course, be over the next few days as people have to decide, pay to play or cancel?

Trion’s Rift Team Expands.

Trion invests more in personnel. As the community grows so do the people supporting it, one of whom was introduced soon after joining Trion via our very own podcast. The customer service team, who – lets face it – have taken a battering over the slow responses due to all their time being consumed by hacked accounts, is also in the process of growing. This will please us all as it will mean that we get a faster turn around on in-game issues, we hope!


The sad yet inevitable nerf bat was brought out to most of the classes, and while I could go on and on about how I am sick of seeing this kind of nerfing, I won’t. I guess, despite promises made, we will just have to accept that Trion is going to nerf the same as all MMO companies, take it like the good individuals we are and QQ all over the forums. (I do not condone nor encourage QQing of any kind!) [Editor’s Note: Neither do the rest of us! Constructive criticism is best, but don’t assume you have all the answers :)]

Allies of the Ascended Weekends

Running from the 1st April to the 4th of April the “Allies of the Ascended” allowed thousands of players to share up to 5 Keys with their friends and family giving them access to a free trial weekend, pretty impressive if you ask me. There are MMO’s out there that still haven’t offered free trials and Trion starts it within a month. Impressive!

[Editor’s Note: The Allies of the Ascended events are still ongoing, be sure to watch for upcoming events!]

Update 1.1: The Big One!

Less that a month after launch we are blessed with the first content patch, which Trion says will be monthly. This patch brought in the Nerf’s mentioned above, the first world event in which Alsbeth and the Endless Court try to take over the world for Regulos, which has been received with mixed views. The second Raid instance “The River of Souls”, many small fixes and tweaks and of course the much anticipated Guild bank! (Oh wait, no it didn’t!)

Can you believe this? Of all the things not to include in the first major patch, the Guild Bank was really not one they should have left out, what is Trion thinking! So many people want this issue fixed and while they do a stunning job of listening most of the time they are not listening to us on this one. But that’s a topic for my other post!

Is that it?

That’s a lot to have happed to one MMO in one month, and look most of it was good! I can imagine I have missed something too, though I have checked and don’t think I have, someone will tell me I am sure if I have. Thanks for reading and I hoped you all continue to enjoy Rift.

Written by Raziel317

Raziel317 has been writing over at his own blog, An Attempt at Being Interesting. He is hoping he can share a little of his unique style of his writing with more people by yelling through The Rift. He has been gaming most of his long life and has played MMO’s for about 7 years, trying many along the way. With Rift he thinks he's finally found “the one”.

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