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Hey all,

Edit: Podcast 42 is up!

In case you missed our Facebook post and Twitter update, episode 42 of The RIFT will be released next week on Monday May 23. This will be our final Podcast of The RIFT. At this time, there are no plans to take down the website and the Podcasts, so it will remain as an archive [subject to change]. This wasn’t a decision we came to easily, and has been the result after many discussions.

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported and listened to us over the past year. We really appreciate all of the questions, comments, and suggestions you’ve sent in. Special thanks to everyone who has helped us in anyway – there are way too many names for me to write down at this point, and I’d likely forget someone. Every week we’ve tried to bring you what you’ve been looking for, and our final episode shouldn’t be much different. We’ll, except we’re going to go out with a BANG!

Original Facebook post from Sunday:

Tomorrow’s (Monday 16th May) Episode will not air. Instead, we’ll be airing our final episode – Episode 42 on Monday, May 23rd.
It’s not a decision we’ve made lightly. But due to unexpected real life and health issues that have arisen – something has to give.
For everyone who’s supported us for the last year. Thank you. We’ve decided we’re going to go out with a bang.
We’ll talk to you, for the last time, next week.

Written by Shyntyrr

Shyntyrr has been working on The Rift Podcast Team since September 2010. Currently he keeps the hamsters running, prevents the entire website from imploding, and talks way too much (except when he's been on the podcast)! You can also find him twittering away at @shyntyrr on Twitter.

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16 Comments for this entry

  • Dennis

    this was probably the most current and “legit” podcst for rift. i hope people dont think rift is dying since thats one of the symptoms (podcasts closing) anyway thnx and love u all!

    • Shyntyrr

      Hey Dennis!

      Just wanted to clarify that the decision to discontinue the podcast has nothing to do with the game itself. Rift is still an awesome game, and I know I’ll still be playing for a while :) [I actually started a couple new characters recently, and have been playing with some friends!]

      Thanks for the kind words :)

  • Keefers

    I’ll miss the podcast. It discovered a bit late, but it has been one of the most enjoyable gaming podcasts I listen to. I wish the entire podcast crew the best.

  • Yaminn

    Really sad to see you guys go. Loved listening to your podcast each week. I’ve only ever listened to 2 podcasts, yours and eq2-daily’s back in the day. I guess my MMO podcast hole will return.

    Was a blast listening to you, hope all works out and thanks for the podcasts!

  • KielrikOnFaeblight

    Thank you for the great amount of time and thought that clearly went into thus project. Be well, and good gaming!

  • Ra

    Always enjoyed the podcast and was great to hear from the devs and staff without it being a complete “puff piece” type environment. Sad to hear about the health issues, and wish you the best.

  • Daria

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this podcast. It was really an outlet for the devs and community team to speak directly with us fans. I’m not sure which podcast Abigale will “guest” on next, but I hope they can find another way to get our questions answered. I really wish the best for Ari, so sorry to hear she is having health issues.

  • Sazchha

    Nooooo! What am I going to listen to Monday morning?? Rift podcast was like my morning coffee on Mondays lol. Now I have to get my rift news from…. the forums… ugh. Well it was really good while it lasted. You all did extremely consistent and well explained reports and made sure I was up to date on everything. And I never would have found out how awesome the Rift Team was if it weren’t for you guys.
    As for the health issues, is everything alright? I’m worried about Ari now :( I wish you all the best and hope nothing bad is happening. Thank you all for convincing me to play such a wonderful game and working so hard on the podcast! I’ll miss the Ari, Desikis and Abigale trio, the well written and neat articles and the weekly news links.
    Again, thank you and the best of luck!

    • Thequick

      I have listened since January an wanted to say thank-you. Best wishes on your endeavors and please make a speedy recovery!

  • Jessie

    Gonna miss you guys, I enjoyed listening to the podcast and looked forward too it every week. :(

  • Elikal

    I thoroughly enjoyed the podcasts. I sincerly wish your health the best and hope and pray you will get well again! May you be well!

  • Naria

    You picked an amazing episode number to go out on =]

    Best of luck to all of you involved with the podcast, very sad to see you guys go! I hope you can start it up again when things settle down.

  • Gavin

    Oh noes! This is sad news indeed. Thanks for all your hard work in bringing this community together from day 1. Your encouragement during the beginning really made the difference for a lot of the other fan sites out there. Get better soon!

    Gavin of Riftwatchers

  • Thee

    Oh Ari, I hope you’ll get well soon. I’ve been listening to the podcast since the early days and I enjoyed it most of the times. I’ll miss listening to the podcast once a week on one of my morning runs.

    Gute Besserung! :)

  • Mira

    Been with you since #1 and have enjoyed the ride. Hope life gets better for you all. Your podcasts will be missed.

  • Jen

    I hope whatever type of health problems you have will be something that will not be long term and you will be able to play Rift or other games in the future. I really will miss this podcast though as it was very well put together.

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