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[01:34] Scott Hartsman, Trion’s General Manager, Chief Creative Officer, and Executive Producer for Rift, gives a brief rundown of general daily schedule

  • On any given day, Scott talks with the designers, engineers, artists, audio.
  • He’s involved with pretty much every aspect of the game.

[02:45] Scott discusses the scope of the game and how his previous experiences have affected it.

  • He oversees Rift: Planes of Telara
  • They want to create a high quality, epic experience
  • Scott doesn’t want to release unfinished systems and would rather release a smaller set of features that are complete and amazing, rather than a ton of features that aren’t working.
  • Trion is on target with their scope for release.

[07:11] Arithion asks about Dungeons and instancing areas of the game.

  • All dungeons in the game are instances.
  • This decision is completely intentional, they believe that players will be coming to the game with groups of friends.
  • Dungeons should be fun, not causing issues between people who are currently at the area you want to be and not letting you get your updates.
  • Rifts, Invasions, Defend events, Kill events are all more social (group AND raid content) and everyone can participate.
  • Instead of instanced vs. non-instanced dungeons, their focus is how to create social opportunities for people, within their world and content.

[11:20] What are they planning for LFG tools?

  • His teams have created LFG tools in other games, but overall LFG tools tend to be underused.
  • Very few people want to start a group, so unless there is a system that auto starts a group there is no point in creating an expensive LFG tool.
  • At launch, they have a core base of a LFG Channel in channel.
  • Full group formation tool is not in lauch scope.
  • Warfronts are cross-server, automatically queued, and have automatically formed groups.

[13:29] Arithion inquires about rare item drops in-game.

  • Rift currently has them in game.. right now!
  • Ultra-rare drops are also already attached to players in PVP.
  • They depend on which race and which side of players being killed.

[14:31] Will there be solo, small, and full size grouping possibilities as equally feasible leveling paths?

  • Yes, he has leveled up one character entirely solo.
  • Currently he has been duoing/trioing content on another character.
  • Full grouping the entire game would be tough since there is not group content for every level of the game.
  • Once you are past a certain level in-game, there are dungeons for every level range, except for a few patches. Major and minor Rift content also are good for small groups.

[16:16] How much playtime should it take for a player to reach level cap?

  • More than an hour!
  • Primarily, making sure the amount of content available in-game matches the leveling rate.

[18:23] Scott releases some new endgame content information!

  • Arithion confirms 2 Raids, Reputation tasks, Raid Rifts, Level 50 Dungeons.
  • Scott adds a Level 50 Warfront, Artifact Collections, Epic-Tier Crafting, and an Achievement system to the list of available endgame content.

[19:38] Scott talks about Raid Rifts.

  • Lower level character will most likely not be ambushed.
  • They are mostly in high level areas and not instanced.
  • Other players can come up and mess with each other, or help each other.
  • This is Rift’s version of contested/cooperative content.
  • Players get the ability to trade in sourcestone for specific lures to lure out specific enemies (like Raid Rifts).

[21:47] Are there any type of PVP rewards from Warfronts?

  • Yes, you can gain PVP favour which will give you access to items.
  • You can also gain prestige, which will let you rank up in PVP.
  • Ranking up in PVP unlocks new rewards and unlocks new abilities in PVP Souls.

[23:14] Can players attack the opposing faction’s city and will they drop any loot?

  • Yes, people can attack each city and their leaders.
  • Cities are not meant to be raid content, killing the opposing leader will be mostly for bragging rights.
  • It will not be rewarded.

[24:26] Arithion asks about gold-seller spam and any measures in-place to combat it.

  • Spam and fraud have increased a lot in the past few years.
  • There are a few different things they are doing to prevent it.
  • There will be a spam filter by launch, right now it is a basic throttle.
  • They are planning on creating an intelligent filter for spam.
  • They are building tools to track transactions and patterns of money to help combat spam and cut off the problem at the source.

[26:01] Down the road, is Trion planning on things like server transfers or name changes?

  • Not necessary to have at launch.
  • There has been discussion about adding it after launch.
  • Scott would rather fix other issues, or add something that players would use more at release than something that would likely not be used at game release.

[27:01] Arithion surprised Scott with a trick beta question!

  • They are on the road to Beta and the servers are doing well.
  • As soon as they are confident about the servers handling the load we will know more information.
  • Arithion has VIP passes to give out to people!

[27:44] What has been the greatest challenge thus far in the creation of Rift?

  • Playing the zero-sum game that is the development process.
  • Figuring out which of the great ideas do they want to invest time in researching and then developing so that it makes it into the game.
  • Development is not a single act that takes place.
  • There is a lot of Research involved in the Research and Development.
  • Research is a lot more expensive than the Development of the game.

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