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Many thanks to Katabri of Tank Telara for helping out with these notes!

Shyntyrr fills in for Desikis, and today’s guests are: Cindy “Abigale” Bowens and James “Elrar” Nichols.

[1:25] There were links posted to some of the updates for the upcoming 1.2 patch on Friday night. What prompted the update?

Elrar: We wanted to share info. We’ve always said we’ll share when we are ready. We were ready.

[2:20] Is the plan with all these changes to have them ready for 1.2 patch?

Elrar: You’ll know more as we get it pushed to Alpha, but the goal is to have as much of it ready for 1.2 as possible.

[2:40] Is there an ETA on 1.2?

Elrar: Sooner than many think. Pretty quickly.

[2:55] Guild banks? No mention in Friday’s nights post. When? When? WHEN?

Elrar: It’s a new feature, and we would rather it goes in working correctly. We’ll know more as we get the mechanics get ready. It is definitely being worked on.

Cindy: You know how it is, we never want to give a final answer until we know it is absolutely for sure. You’ll first see it on Alpha. Soon™

[4:44] It had been mentioned that Add-ons would be allowed in the future, any more word on that?

Elrar: We are looking at how to allow them without it interfering with the native UI. There’s no ETA, it will be ready when it’s ready.

[5:30] Are there any ideas on implementing an Armoury?

Elrar: It’s still at the “being talked about” phase.

[7:00] World event hit the US servers on Saturday, April 18th, between 1 and 3 PST. It only took 90 minutes or so to complete the entire phase from the attacks to the raid opening. Was it intended to be this brief?

Cindy: No, I don’t think we intended it to go this fast. It was very much a see how this goes, and see what we need to change for next time. Even I was surprised at how short it lasted. With this being our first event we learned a whole lot about how it will work on live servers. It didn’t go perfectly, but it was our first step. The team does their best, and then listens to what the community has to say about the experience.

(Apparently Arithion has a ‘leet computer, she had no lag)

Cindy: One of the bigger issues was the queue times. One of the first priorities is to make sure that doesn’t happen again. It did depend on the server, some servers had several hours wait time, and that is unacceptable and is something we need to fix.

[11:35] The EU servers got a HUGE time jump on the US servers, are there plans to make it so that doesn’t always happen? (10 am PST perfect, btw)

Cindy: We saw complaints both ways. EU had to be test servers, no fair. No fair, US didn’t get the first shot. But this isn’t set in stone.

[13:10] How has the response overall been to the world event?

Cindy: The response has been mixed, and honest. We’ve been pouring through feedback getting information on what went right, what went wrong, and what we need to fix for next time. As for doing this again, as far as I know, we are planning to do it again once we’ve made the adjustments we need to.

[14:05] Yesterday, Scott Hartsman wrote an apology on the forums expressing that the event didn’t quite go down the way they had intended.

Cindy: It’s very important to as transparent and honest as possible. I was really glad that Scott took the time to acknowledge that it didn’t go as well as we’d hoped, and here’s what we are doing to fix it. It makes MY job a heck of a lot easier. The response was overwhelmingly positive to his post.

[15:22] A lot less complaints, has the lessening of the hacker issues helped in this regard?

Cindy: We hired and trained a WHOLE bunch of people. So we have more people on deck to deal with issues, making the queues much shorter. They are really working hard to get things turned around as fast as they can.

Shyntyrr’s first response from them on his issue was within 30 minutes!

[17:35] You have put out both an iPhone authenticator and a Droid. How has the response to this been?

Elrar: Very positive. There were a couple of hiccups when you update your operating system, but we are working on straightening that out. It is not the be all and end all of account security. Account security is always going to be our top priority.

[19:04] One of our guildies got a phishing email that was bizarre. Have you seen those?

Cindy: Those are hilarious. And the phishing emails are annoying.

Elrar: I’m pretty sure Blizzard isn’t trying to buy our accounts! FYI, if you get a key lock email that does NOT HAVE THE CODE and has a link, this is not us. Key lock emails ALWAYS have the code in them.

These are the ONLY sites you should be using to deal with your accounts:,,

For your account information:

Barbershop, can you let us know anything about that?

Elrar: We’ve heard the feedback on that. Where it might be at this time, I don’t have any insight at this time.

Cindy: I would bet there’s a reference to it in that famous PowerPoint of Scott’s.

Written by Shyntyrr

Shyntyrr has been working on The Rift Podcast Team since September 2010. Currently he keeps the hamsters running, prevents the entire website from imploding, and talks way too much (except when he's been on the podcast)! You can also find him twittering away at @shyntyrr on Twitter.

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