Podcast 28: Chris Junior on all things PVP in RIFT

by on Jan.24, 2011, under Podcast

Chris Junior, Senior Systems Designer for RIFT, joins us today to talk about PVP, PVP and did we mention PVP?

  • Raid Queues
  • Post 50 PVP
  • PVP: Valor, Prestige and how it works
  • PVP Souls, Crowd Control and Gear
  • OpenWorld PVP
  • Warfronts incl. Port Scion

He talks about everything in detail and branches off into some other minor pvp areas as well. Not to mention the revolutionary cake-pie. And we have it on good authority that he meant 21 points + 45 … not 46 😉

Cindy ‘Abigale’ Bowens joins us as well and talks about the lead up to Beta 5 and the growing community.

Thank you to Dylan for some excellent PvP question guidelines. And if you like watching the forums make sure you check out Meritt’s Forum Watcher.

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Tuesday January 18

  • Massively released some information on this strange race of people, The Druids!
  • New information on the New Mathosian Empire was released! Check it out at TenTonHammer.

Wednesday January 19

Thursday January 20

Friday January 21

Written by The Rift Podcast Team

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  • Lowlight - Byriel

    Excellent questions asked about Rift pvp. Thanks for bringing such a good source of information to the Rift community.

  • Nervallah

    Great podcast again :) Really good work on the set of questions you asked, answered alot of my queries about PvP and its relationship to PvE. These podcasts really are excellent as they show those who are working on the game are real and are listening, the support they have shown is fantastic. Keep up the good work as always :) btw loved the skype noise when Chris was talking, must say it made me look to see if someone had popped online on my side 😛

  • Vurjin

    The raid of 20 can kill a 50 is kool. It was soo annoying on AoC where you were in town and a lvl 30 could attack a lvl 70 and if the 70 fought back the guards would gank him and the 30 would run off free and with pvp xp.

    what about a cake in the shape of pie. or pie in shape of pie.

    Or pie with cake in it.

    Or cake made of pie?

  • Desikis

    Thank you all, and I really agree they show such an active involvement for the game, I love that they not only want to make the community for the players but be involved with it.

    I bet Ari was stressing that skype noise though. ^.^; but alas we were on a very tight time crunch so didn’t have time for a retake without the noise.

    Ah pie… I like apple btw… if your planning on trying to kill me with one that is Vurjin, or if your trying to bake it in a cake, might want to use french silk. Death by sweets would be acceptable.

  • Lisha

    Great podcast ladies, added you on FB =)

    I wanted to mention, you didn’t leave a link to the Yogscast Rift first impressions like you did for the other stuff you mentioned. Wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not.

    Happy Monday! Yay for tomorrow!

  • Complication

    hey i got a question for you Arithion. On this podcast it was said that you are only going to be allowed to spend 21 points in your pvp souls, max. Why? it takes 25 points to be able to get the last skill in the pvp soul. So we cant achieve maximum abilities in pvp souls?

    • Arithion

      Good Question. However when he says that spending all 21 in it will get you the cool stuff – I assume he means the top tier ability. I thought it was 4 tiers by 5 points each leaving the top tier to spend 1 point? Hence the spending 21 points. Usually each tier comprises of 5 points with the top tier always only needing one point spent, so the 25 points confuses me a little.

      Either way, if it is 4 tiers times 5 points in each and a top tiered ability for 1 point – then that’s Chris’s 21 points. Pretty sure that’s what he meant, but if it was a mistake I’m sure it’ll be cleared up soon 😀

  • Zekletau

    Great Podcast! I had a lot of questions about PVP and this cast has cleared them all up! Thanks for taking the time to do a PVP based podcast.

  • Nieve

    Great one again ladies! I love the questions you ask, we all know they are ones we would like to hear answers to. Today was awesome learning so much about pvp and where it’s going and what we can do with it.

    Thanks to Chris Junior for being here too. I love the way Trion listens to the player based feedback and works towards implementing that which helps the game work more smoothly. I’m so excited about this game!

    Thank you thank you one and all. And to Abi, great hearing from her always.

  • Nightfall

    Nice job Ari, again…..Your getting better everyweek with your interviewing skills, and your co hort is getting a bit better as well…

    I really wanted to know if they were/are going to be adding to the PVP ACHIEVEMENTS in game, and though he addressed that topic, didnt really delve into it other then speaking about the dualing another member in an enemy city…..

    Put it on a backburner perhaps?

    Ty for the interview/podcast…Its appreciated!!

  • Shanaki

    Hmm, I will build it. A Chocolate Pie inside of Icecream-Cake. I will entitle it, “The Cake Is A Lie (It’s Actually A Pie!)”

    And it will be delicious.

  • heihojin


    I’m afraid my recollection of our in-game meeting greatly differs from yours, my dear. I distinctly remember you fighting only a single MOB when I killed you the first time. And you weren’t fighting any MOBs at all the second time – but of course that was because you had just rezzed within my sight.

    But regardless, on behalf of Sanity’s Requiem I would like to extend a friendly invitation for you and Halcyon Affinity to roll on our server at release. Our current estimates indicate that Bloodpact will outnumber us by only 3 to 1 at release, and they will need additional assistance to make it a fair fight. 😉

    Until next time,

    heihojin of Sanity’s Requiem

    • Arithion

      Lol – really? I was engaged in a fight with one of the 2 guardian invasions, the second one closing in – which plaguebringer spread to when I looked up further and saw a group of actual guardians behind the mobs.

      Sorry our recollections don’t match 😀

  • Hudson

    Just so you know, every podcast about PVP I will be deleting off my IPOD. Enough. Get back to the PVE content please

    • Arithion

      Okay, that’s nice. I’m not about to neglect a large part of information we could finally get our hands on – not when we’ve done over 20 other podcasts devoted to PVE.

      PVP will be in the titles – so it should be easy to ignore.

      Sorry to have offended you

  • Jason@bestgamingkeyboard

    No port Scion? /cry
    Oh well nvm, hope its not too long till they get it in there though. Look forward to future episodes team, hopefully we get some more pve info soon.

  • Vurjin

    lol at guy deleting things about pvp. i guess he just sucks at it. poor noob.

  • RamasSoKehur

    Those over powered guards are a kind of a bad thing. We expected some more free points of invasions (by pvp players for pvp servers), like the villages and the quest hubs and etc .. i hope the pvp designers go there and check the beta feeback for pvp (pvp servers)
    the “fun” factor is something that is nice but dont last for much, the world pvp will die without the right rewards or objectves and insetives … !! make the pvp great, u have the tool for it

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