Podcast 36: Adam Hetenyi on the River of Souls Raid Instance

by on Mar.29, 2011, under Podcast

As Patch 1.1 approaches, we sit down with Adam Hetenyi from the Rift Dungeons and Raids team to talk about the release of their new Raid instance: River of Souls, and get some questions answered about it and the current state of endgame dungeons and raids.

  • River of Souls detailed
  • Raid rewards and gearing guidelines
  • Dungeon rewards post 1.1
  • Content patch abilities and intentions
  • Players and loopholes

The first live content update looks promising.

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Written by Arithion

Arithion was insane enough to start the production of The Rift Podcast back in June 2010. Apart from hosting The Rift with Desikis she also writes articles for the site and has a fascination with corgis.

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