Podcast 42: Life, the Universe & Everything

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For our last Episode Scott Hartsman and Cindy ‘Abigale’ Bowens join us to talk a bit about the game from back when no one knew about it, through to today. We also reminisce about the podcast origins and touch on some pertinent subjects for the future of the game:

  • The path of Rift and the Podcast
  • Guild Banks
  • Server Transfers coming soon
  • Dungeon Finder tweaking
  • Not necessarily the end, just a goodbye
  • Haha Rapture

We’d like to thank everyone for all their support. Each and Every person at Trion who helped us make this podcast, every fan who ever was and whoever downloaded and listened. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Thank you to Typefrag.com for their sponsorship – if you want a quality ventrilo server, look no further. These guys are great.

Thank you to Doghouse Systems for their support – they have amazing systems – head over and take a look.

And thank you to Enjin freaking awesome Rift Guild Hosting for their faith in us and a wonderful partnership. Seriously, check it out.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Links below the cut, as usual.

Sunday May 8

Tuesday May 10

  • TenTonHammer released the 6th installment of their Lure of the Planes series: Air Rifts!

Wednesday May 11

  • TenTonHammer released their Sentinel soul overview! Check out one of the most powerful healing souls available!

Thursday May 12

Monday May 16

Wednesday May 18

  • Trion and deviantART have teamed up to Create a Colossus! June 19 is the final submission date, so head over to the deviantART website for the official rules and how to enter!

Thursday May 19

  • Looking for a few Rift guides? Not sure about Guilds, zone puzzles, or titles? Check out some of the recently updated Featured Guides at ZAM!
  • Trion also released their latest class video of The Mage! Damage? Support? Heals? Control? Take your pick, but first check out this video!
  • TenTonHammer is at it again with an overview of the Dominator soul! Ever want to turn something into a squirrel? Then check this out!

Friday May 20

  • Have a question you need answered? Want to talk to some other people about Rift? Just like hanging out to chat? Head on over to RiftIRC and join us! Every now and then the Devs and Community Team like to pop in – like last week’s Dev Chat with Senior Content Designer Gavin Irby!

Monday May 23

  • Finally, our friends over at Rift Craft are introducing the MarketPlace where you can post orders to be filled by other players, or look for work!

I’d like to personally thank all of the Fansites for their hard work and contributions they’ve made. Every week looking through the latest updates has been a blast to see what new content has come out – and if I’ve missed you I truly apologize!
~ shyntyrr

Written by Arithion

Arithion was insane enough to start the production of The Rift Podcast back in June 2010. Apart from hosting The Rift with Desikis she also writes articles for the site and has a fascination with corgis.

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3 Comments for this entry

  • Valdur

    Thanks for your dedication and I hope you get your health problem sorted out.I have been listening your podcast since day one and I must admit that I’ll miss your friendly voice.

  • Ty

    Hi, I have been critical of this podcast at times. Nobody wants a podcast full of ‘ I cant talk about this’ however personal opinions on subjects can be asked without them resorting to a PR answer.I liked Hartsman saying dungeon usage has gone up and the ascend a friend is doing well. These type of things mean alot even tho they are small.

    Even tho I had had my criticisms I have a deep respect for this show. You look around for any development info or interviews and Trion is very silent. This show gave the devs an outlet and a voice.

    Ari , I truly hope that you get better and your able to continue this podcast one day.

    Rift Ads are great but I know myself and others watch this show regularly. Monday morning when I’m at work this show is what I listen to.

    Abigail/Trion – Shame on you for not giving this team of dedicated fans a lifetime membership. With Riftpodcast gone perhaps you need to create a Trion run podcast.

    Thank you everyone at riftpodcast.com for your hard work.

    You will be missed.

  • ShadowRunner

    Hey, and thanks for the Trip, i can actually thank you guys for originally choosing to buy this game.
    The podcast was great, and i enjoyed listening to it each monday, but it seems like i’ll no longer be able to enjoy my Monday catch up, cya guys and hope to hear from you again,


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