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Podcast 42: Life, the Universe & Everything

by on May.23, 2011, under Podcast

For our last Episode Scott Hartsman and Cindy ‘Abigale’ Bowens join us to talk a bit about the game from back when no one knew about it, through to today. We also reminisce about the podcast origins and touch on some pertinent subjects for the future of the game:

  • The path of Rift and the Podcast
  • Guild Banks
  • Server Transfers coming soon
  • Dungeon Finder tweaking
  • Not necessarily the end, just a goodbye
  • Haha Rapture

We’d like to thank everyone for all their support. Each and Every person at Trion who helped us make this podcast, every fan who ever was and whoever downloaded and listened. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Thank you to Typefrag.com for their sponsorship – if you want a quality ventrilo server, look no further. These guys are great.

Thank you to Doghouse Systems for their support – they have amazing systems – head over and take a look.

And thank you to Enjin freaking awesome Rift Guild Hosting for their faith in us and a wonderful partnership. Seriously, check it out.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Links below the cut, as usual.

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The Casual Group

by on Apr.08, 2011, under Articles

Many people think that Rift needs a system that can assist in the formation of groups for dungeons. Some other people argue that this LFD feature would make Rift much more anti-social (among other reasons). Both sides of the LFD argument need to look at more than just Dungeon groups.

If we looked at the numbers, most of the groups that are formed probably aren’t dungeon groups. Instead, they’re a kind of player-formed quest-oriented “causal group” that we make when we see people killing the same monsters we’re killing.

They’re the kind of group Trion should build Rift’s group finders around. (continue reading…)

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Dungeon Finder: Good or Evil you decide.

by on Mar.28, 2011, under Articles

The tricky 2nd album (article), will be a hit or miss, let’s find out.

The long drawn out issue as I see it

When Scott Hartsman brought up the issue of a Dungeon Finder it sent a shiver up my spine, and I think every gamer in the world playing Rift took a sharp intake of breathe that, if there is life in outer space, they would have all heard it.

The Dungeon Finder in “the Game that shall not be mentioned” or “the Scottish Game” (everyone apart from actors and Englishmen are scratching their heads right now) could be said to have basically broken the game. Its cross-realm implementation meant that the already rude and obnoxious players could be even more so to one another and not have to worry about the consequences as they would never see those players again.

Like many others, I experienced it first hand and it’s one of the main reasons I left the game. In spite of my initial fear and concern, let’s all take a deep breath (again) and hopefully you’ll hear me out.

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